LearN  our History


MISC aims to provide a platform for international students to voice their concerns. MISC speaks as one body in order to make sure that these individual voices are not lost or unheard in the midst of such an active campus community. MISC also offers different kinds of support that international students may need to acclimatize and grow throughout their university careers. Here at MU, we take great pride in our diversity. That’s why MISC aids to harness the unrealized potential that international students may have to offer to the MU community. By introducing valuable cultures, distinct work ethics and unique principles, there will always be a constant improvement in creating an environment that is conducive to learning both formally and informally.


In Spring 2008, MISC proposed the idea of having an MU International Day, with a flag ceremony and the International Bazaar. The bazaar, which has proven to be highly successful in familiarizing globalization at MU in the last 30 years, set a precedent to further push for awareness for the international community. To highlight this event, twenty flags were showcased around campus prior to the bazaar. This was done not only to kick-start the bazaar, but also to consolidate people who share the interest of pursuing internationalization. Until today, this event remains one of the highlights of MISC.


The Missouri International Student Council (MISC) was created to serve the growing international community at MU. There was a realization that no matter how integrated international students are in the campus community, there will always be gaps in multiple dimensions between the international and domestic students. MISC was formed with the intention of bridging the gap between the groups.


One of the first events organized by MISC was the International Welcome Party. Initially, its purpose was to unite the various international groups into doing something together as a combined effort. The event was later refocused to become a welcoming platform at the start of each semester. This party welcomes international and local students alike and attempts to welcome every individual into our richly diverse community.


The vision and mission of MISC are to increase efforts of internationalization at MU by increasing global competence, understanding and partnership. MISC is also dedicated to improving the academic lives of international students and enriching cultural experiences for MU students, staff, faculty and surrounding communities at the same time. As the vision and mission are constantly evolving, MISC will continue to be the bridge between international and local students as well as provide adequate services according to different needs. It is our hope for the future that the MU campus is viewed through a global lens with a united voice of both the international and local communities.