MISC STaff Application (Fall 2019) 

MISC is one of the biggest international student organizations on campus that collaborates with the numerous cultural student organizations in working to globalize the University of Missouri campus. 

MISC staff members must be able to:
- Contribute to the common goal of the organization to increase the globalization of the Mizzou campus.
- Attend bi-weekly general meetings (may be invited to Executive Board’s weekly meetings when needed).
- Actively participate in meetings, discussions, and decision making processes of the organization.
- Be present and active at all events held by or participated by the organization, unless excused by the co-chair.
- Communicate efficiently with the members of the Executive Board.
- Commit to a being an active part of the organization by succeeding to all of the expectations above.

If you have any question about the application process, feel free to email joinmisc@gmail.com.

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