FAQ for General Assembly

Who will attend the GA meeting?

All international student organizations that signed the Memorandum are required to send one representative and attend the GA meeting. Other international and cultural associations are welcome to share any updates in the international community and matters of concern to the international students of the Mizzou. The representative will be made at the discretion of each organization’s executive leaders. As leaders in your organization, you are tasked with appointing representatives to work on the GA meeting.

When and where will be the GA meeting?
The GA meeting will be held once a month. MISC will schedule every meeting and announce through e-mail. GA meetings are normally held on the first Friday of every month. 

What do the GA meeting discuss?
·    Signing and updating on the Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement, 
·    Sharing upcoming events and programs MISC are working with.
·    Sharing updates from international center and other MU departments on culture and international students.   
·    Sharing updates from student governments on campus like MSA, GPC, etc
·    Communicate international students’ concern and provide support when in need.
·    Sharing updates from your international organizations.

What do the GA meeting help your organizations?
The GA meeting provides a communication platform to discuss the matters related to all international students on campus. It is to increase the voice of your organization.  

Why your organization should sign the Memorandum?
·    To allow Missouri International Student Council (MISC) to represent the international student organizations
·    To formally unite the voices of international organizations
·    To formally recognize the collaboration efforts among international student organizations
·    To promote international student organizations’ relations and interaction with agencies/corporations on campus and in Columbia that deal primarily with international students locally and abroad

What do the Memorandum benefit your organizations?
·    Priority on event promotions to the broader community
·    Get a chance to receive a sponsorship from MISC
·    Get advice on event-planning and organization administration
·    Keep updated on news of international students on campus.

Any other question?
Please email Joinmisc@gmail.com