NOminate someone for the International Recognition Award 

Do you know a student who is involved in the international community and made a significant difference? Are you aware of an organization that has taken initiatives to globalize the Mizzou campus and connect the international community with the rest of the campus community? Do you know a faculty or staff member who has worked closely with international students to promote diversity at MU?

The International Recognition Awards is an opportunity to recognize the contributions of MU undergraduate, graduate students, faculty, staff, and group achievements of Recognized Student Organizations. The Award recipients are selected by nomination and are recognized at the International Banquet held on April 10th.

This award honors individuals or organizations that have demonstrated positive impacts and endorsement on issues affecting international students, as well as devoted their time and efforts to increase the visibility of the international communities on campus.

The nominations close on April 1st.

Students, faculty members, and organizations involved across campus are eligible to nominate and be nominated.

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